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Woodland Garden + Path System to unite the garden which entices exploration and contemplation + Privacy plantings + Landscape lighting + Koi pond + Decking system + CA and American Native plants + Tucked away places to sit + Rose Garden for cutting + Outdoor BBQ area + Outdoor dining area + Traditioinal masonry + Citrus Garden + Mature Plant Sculpting
Hidden away in north Claremont, California, this is another fine example of the varied Architectural styles in beautiful Claremont. One has to know where to go to find this hidden treasure. Vicke and John both wanted a garden that reflected the architecture of their home, a garden in which they could wander around and enjoy their large property. There were a few existing pine trees, bamboo and CA native shrubs that we incorporated into the garden. We let the existing layout of the garden "rule" the design. We designed this garden as a series of gardens by using the massive amount of native granite boulders found on the site to delineate the planting areas and paths. The material we selected for the paths is a reddish decomposed granite from the foothills of Claremont. There was an existing deck path from the garage to the back door of the house, which dissected the space. Instead of removing this original feature of the garden, we incorporated it into the design, and expanded the decking near the back door for John to grill and for more space to entertain. We also added a large Koi pond in between the two structures, now the deck (and bridge) connects the two structures. Now, within the meandering path systems we created hidden places to sit, read a book, or just observe nature. We sculpted the existing mature CA natives to reveal their amazing branches and added additional CA and American native shrubs and perennials. This garden is a wonder to the eye with surprises at every turn.

In the front garden, the first sight of the house is breathtaking, it is so unexpected, but there was still work to be done to give the garden a sense of purpose and relate it to the house. We built three pedestals of granite rocks in the old CA master style to reflect the time when the house was built. These create a rhythm leading their guest to the front door and connects the garden discussed above. The path system we created in the back garden connects to this garden. The path system as a whole undulates with changes in elevation, which gave us opportunities to build gentle steps and creating another element of enjoyment. Over the years, we have nourished their existing citrus trees (originally part of the old Sunkist groves) and now they have fruit that is the best! The whole garden is illuminated with low-voltage lighting to accent the best of the best.

The overall planting design is one for the seasons, there is constant change....always an excuse "take pause" the Selk Garden. There are birds, butterflies, flowering plants, Fall color, hidden seating, Koi---a garden of nature. This is an amazing space, one we are particularly proud of because it has grown to truly be a much loved hidden retreat. Vicke and John are connected to their garden as much as to their home. Another success story from Indah Bulan.
Hidden Retreat in Claremont
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Landscape Design Connected with Nature
John and Vicke Selk Garden
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