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Jack and Abby Parsons Project
This stylish couple's home is in the Village of Claremont, California. It is a cluster of home with a variety of architectural styles--all centrally located within walking distance to the charming shopping district (also known as "The Village"). Their mid-century modern inspired home has a unique layout, having four major separate areas. In addition to the front courtyard (photo above) and back gardens, their property has a large area off the living room / dining room. It is an alfresco enclosed dining room and living room. Yet another area is the front garden which is adjacent to the street. We organized the space into four distinct areas--each with their own use and purpose. We also designed specific colors for the house and each individual garden. We chose colors that were light and airy, but have a definite architectural feeling. We used our signature color on the perimeter walls for depth, drama, and continuity. This amazing color is perfect to punctuate accent colors like the vintage turquoise table and chairs; and, the California Gold front door. The first area is the front garden which is defined by an existing circular driveway. The existing pine trees inspired us to create a woodland garden. We used American and California native plants and materials. The rock placement boldly leads their guests to the entrance courtyard. We added a trellis (an architectural counterpoint to the existing mid-century lines of the house) to accent the front door. We removed overgrown plants that did not fit with the woodland theme. We really liked the footprint of the entry courtyard, although we revised the plantings, changed the colors, and added a parsons table for entertaining or Sunday morning coffee. Once the newly planted American native Red Bud matures, it will have the shade to be used more frequently. The back garden, had been previously landscaped by someone else. Although we liked the general design, we removed the acute angles, changed the material for the path, and replaced the plastic wood border with a natural rock border. We also planted extravagant Timber Bamboo as a privacy from the neighbors. The existing block wall fence was painted our signature color, a deep rich charcoal gray, which added elegance and a depth to the garden. It is a great space for the doggies to run around and play!
Mid-Century Living in Claremont
Interior Courtyard
Interior Courtyard
Back Garden
with Doggie Path
Mid-Century Modern design + Entry courtyard (photo above) for morning coffee and evening cocktails + Outdoor living room + Outdoor dinning room + Architectural Colors for house and perimeter wall + Created two unique water features + LED lighting for all gardens + LED pendant lights for the outdoor living / dinning room
+ Pet Friendly for sure! + Updated existing irrigation system to fit new garden + Water wise plant selections including CA Native plants and American Native plants + Wind Chime Garden + Path System + Removed all grass replaced + Entry Trellis + Privacy Screening
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