Stephen Swafford, BLA and Michael Rodriguez
Stephen T. Swafford is a classically trained landscape architect originally from Kosciusko, Mississippi. After graduating from Mississippi State University as a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, he moved to Birmingham, Alabama where he designed fine gardens with Greiner, Vare & Partners. He also worked as a design consultant for Oxford Galleries a high-end home furnishings company as the floor designer. In addition. he concurrently worked at Hanna Antiques and Wardemond Galleries. (ahhhh, youth) In 1997 he moved to Los Angeles after he was hired by Elliott / Maloney Landscape Architects where he designed tract developments for Eli Broad and municipal parks. After several years with this firm, Stephen started his own landscape architectural practice called Land Art. In 2000 he formed a partnership with Michael A. Rodriguez and this was the beginning of Indah Bulan.

We design and build residential gardens, mostly in Claremont and the Los Angeles area, but we have clients in Seattle, British Columbia, Mississippi, Memphis and Miami. We follow our art.

Michael has a degree in Social Services with a background in The Arts, he has always been a great fan of architecture, design, photography, philosophy, art and the modernist movement. His aesthetics, modern vision and business skills are appreciated by all who meet him; especially me! Michael, a prolific photographer, enjoys seeing the art of each project through his lens. The photography of IndahBulan.com is his thoughtful eye. He also frequently channels his Aztec roots to produce gorgeous masonry details which always draw kudos from clients who are fortunate to have his talents put to use in their gardens! "He is just so talented--he inspires me in ways I never even considered!" says, Stephen of his partner. Stephen has certified Michael as a Master Gardener.
Indah Bulan means "beautiful moon" in Balinese. Our greatest inspiration is traveling and learning about cultures and gardens of foreign lands. Seeing our clients fall in love with their gardens is the bonus of doing what we love! We find inspiration at home in Los Angeles, too! We offer complete design services, Landscape Architecture and Garden Design, Exterior Decoration, Interior Decoration, and Garden Entertaining. We also take our clients on Shopping Excursions.
Stephen Swafford (left) and Michael Rodriguez
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Located just East of downtown Los Angeles, Indah Bulan is ideally suited for projects in The Great Basin, The San Gabriel Valley, The Pomona Valley, and Orange County. Our basic design philosophy is to create gardens that are in harmony with nature and the way our clients like to enjoy being outdoors. We consult with our clients about how they intend to use their garden, we discuss budget and the underlying theme of the space(s). From there, we create a set of plans that can be implemented all at once or in phases. We install the garden based on what is agreed upon with the plans. We coordinate lighting, furnishings, exterior decoration, and entertaining. After installation, we provide ongoing maintenance (usually once or twice a year) to ensure proper growth and make sure all systems are running properly. We also assist our clients with their entertaining. We are the complete package for outdoor living. In addition, we occasionally work with our clients to re-decorate their indoor spaces, using what they already own. See each specific topic for more information.
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