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Victoria and Suketu found us as a result of admiring two other Indah Bulan gardens on their street. They are interesting in a beautiful garden, but like true Californians want to make every drop of water count. Their back living area is actually quite large, but lacks space for gardening. Suketu, an Astronomy Professor, wanted a place to sit and read, plus a way to have an unobstructed view of the stunning San Gabriel Mountains located North of their property. Victoria wants to turn their existing covered patio into something a bit more sophisticated to match her own tastes.

We started by developing a plan to organize all these ideas into a cohesive system. In order to add a bit more space for the garden we reused the unused RV parking area. By removing relocating the fence back and deconstructing the concrete, we added about 300 square feet of livable space. It is also where we planned to locate the small but wonderful observation deck. A deck to simply step up and look above the plantings and houses to see the mountains. We also saved as much wood from the fence as possible to reuse it in the new location. This new area may be only 300 square feet, but the impact of the space-at-large is astounding. This gave us an opportunity to create small retaining wall to complete the visual of the swimming pool, reuse the broken up concrete, plus define the sitting area Suketu requested. As seen above, there were holes in the garden which the limited privacy, so we designed and built a trellis to offer complete privacy. We used our signature color to create depth on the existing wall and new trellis.

For a planting design, we used all succulents and colorful water wise plants in mass. Planting in mass is a classic landscape architectural tool to create shape and define a space. We also added a Pomegranate for the fruit and visual interest.

The existing covered patio is most likely our next phase of this project. We have selected a beautiful California butter cream for the walls (a color we love in the existing Mexican Tiles). We plan rearrange the furnishings to create an outdoor living room, complete with curtains, lamps. It is going to be gorgeous!

Looking to the sky in Claremont
Landscape Design Connected with Nature
Victoria and Suketu Bhavsar Garden
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Retaining wall from broken concrete, sitting area, and trellis, before planting.
Expanded garden area and observation deck, before planting