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Like most houses in the Hollywood Hills this project has a small footprint, and is very close to the properties adjacent. So, the real issue was creating depth, privacy and a no-fuss garden. We used our signature color to provide elegance and depth (a background for planting).

The hardscape was pretty much in already, we added to what was already there. We added lights for the entrance, steps and the garden. Planted a grove of trees with heart shaped leaves for shade, especially in their dining room which is used for the kids homework. The deck was there, so, we added a trellis to provide a visual separation from the neighbors, so they can enjoy a private meal alfresco. We also added an arbor entrance to define the space, and bumble bee lights for nighttime entertaining.

We also had awnings made and installed over the front door and back door. We borrowed from old Hollywood and the Beverly Hills Hotel by adding black and white stripes with decorative spears.

This is a great family. Their love and respect for one another is inspiring. We loved creating a garden for them to enjoy with their three sons.
Hot in Hollywood!
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