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Nancy Wing is the most creative spirit we have ever met! In 2016 she is 93 years young and still creating and inspiring every day. Her garden is a reflection of her vivid imagination, plus some good planning by Indah Bulan.

We rarely take out everything when we re-do a garden. Nancy's garden had simply gotten away from her, it will filled with weeds, the grass had spread into her flowers and foundation planting; so we decided to just remove it all, except the American Holly and citrus trees. She wanted a space that she could sit outside and greet her neighbors and people strolling through her Claremont Village neighborhood.

We created a sitting area virtually in the middle of the former grass area. It also doubles visually as a conceptual river. Ever mindful of how this gracious, aging lady moves through her garden, we created a retaining wall from many old pine logs. The path to the sitting area doubles as a conceptual river (which can be viewed from her large picture window. We added a fountain ( a simple water feature for sound). Under the amazing American Holly, we added a grouping of another American Native plant "Oak Leaf Hydrangea". It loves the acid soil the Holly creates. We also used a mass planting of dwarf nandina as a lawn substitute (visually). This will give the house a grounding effect. This plant was selected after we heard her poem entitled "Nandina". It's a great plant, drought tolerant and changes color throughout the year.

Since we used the wood as a retaining wall, we created a grove of American native Red Bud Trees; which will give her flowers in the spring, shade in the summer, fall color in the fall, and provide warmth in the winter by letting the sun through to the house.

Nancy Wing is amazing..... this garden was a labor of love.
A Poet's Garden
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Nancy Wing Garden
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