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+ Redwood Deck
+Privacy Trellis and Plantings
+LED lighting
+Water retention and proper drainage
+Shade structure
+New Jacuzzi
+Pet Friendly Garden
+Color Selection
Byron was referred to us by his sister, Terry Endo Smith of Coto de Caza, CA. He wanted a Japanese garden, but with a modern feel. We had a couple of issues that needed to be addressed. First behind the block wall is an elevated path, anyone on that path has a direct view into his back area.... which should be the most private part of any garden. Another issue is the rain flows toward the house. We address both of these issues and turned the problem in to good looking solutions.

With the existing block wall... we could not replace or raise becuase it belongs to the city of Cerritos. After meeting with city planners, we found we could build a separate sturcture on Byron's side of the wall. We created a higher trellis that is attached to the new redwood deck. The trellis has small openings so that the breezes can still flow into the back area. For the area not covered by the new trellis, we are planting tall columnar plants for screen, and to create some depth. We introduced our signature color to the the garden for background depth and we adore black and green together!

With the water issues. Instead of loosing all that rain water, we excavated a small "pond" area to collect the water. From the pond we created a channel to move excess water to the side of the house, and ultimatly to the street. We used California native rocks and boulders to emulate a riparian (dry stream bed) which is a natural feature in Southern California. This also gave us an opportunity to build a "bridge" over the pond connecting the patio to the new deck.

It was a great project and we love the gentle nature of Byron.
Modern Japanese Style
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Byron Endo Garden
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