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Balcony Garden in Progress for Dean A. Billman of Pasadena, CA
A Walkway in Nature for Kim Clarkin, Live Oak Grove, CA
Terrace Seating Area, Gloria Howe, Pasadena, CA
Pergola with lighting for Joe Cardoza, Claremont, CA
Arbor for Heather and Tom Hartshorn, Hollywood, CA
Rose Trellis, Tom Braun, Claremont, CA
Video of our California Projects
Outdoor Dinning Room, Sue and Ken Andrews, San Antionio Heights, CA
CA Mountain Retreat for Vicke and John Selk, Claremont, CA
Hollie Fox Garden, Alta Dena, CA
Stone Pedestal for the Selks, Claremont, CA
Alfresco Dinning for the Selks in Claremont, CA
Pat Coye Residence, Padua Hills, CA
Landscape Design Connected with Nature
California Style Projects
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