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Here's the scoop. An Indah Bulan garden is complex, yet the finished result appears simple. Our designs are based on how the sun moves (seasonally) through your property, the soil type(s) and how it sheds water. They are planned to be in harmony with the architecture of the house and with those who intend to use it. The garden is filled with beautiful plants that also solve issues like privacy, provide shade/sun, attact beneficial insects and wildlife, and has seasonal interest. Our gardens give back by providing fruits and vegetables. Each has a personality that reflects their owners and is planned for life. There is not a set size, they can be large or small. An Indah Bulan garden provides joy, beauty and sustainablity for those who seek us. Whether you have an estate, modest property, or a balcony, we apply our principles to anyone who feels our spirit.
Videos of some of our garden projects....
Californian + Japanese + Mid-Century / Vintage + Bohemian Chic + Spanish American
Elements of Indah Bulan Landscape Architecture and Garden Design
+ Artistic expression through design, color and art
+ Transformative gardens by Day/Night, Spring/Fall, Summer/Winter
+ Respectful of the pull of nature
+ Organized spaces for outdoor living and entertaining
+ Properly placed trees for shade in the summer and warmth in the winter
+ Spaces that are sensitive to our aging relatives (and ourselves!)
+ Gardens that are in harmony with nature and the owner
+ Selection of plants that work with your soil, sunlight, and interest in gardening
+ Gardens with proper plant spacing, recognizing the size of maturity
+ Water Wise
+ Organic by promoting nature and no chemicals
+ Edible Gardens
+ Ongoing maintenance to ensure proper growth
Abby and Jack Parsons
Pat Coye
Vicke and John Selk
Joseph Cardoza
Francesca Di Franco
Judith and David Tanenbaum
Linda Lee Worlow
Carol Holder and John Mallinckrodt
Terry Endo Smith
Mary and Hank Perera
Jill Grigsby and Everett Bull
Barbara Cheatley
Holly and Scott Milliken
Vicke and John Selk Garden
Carol Holder and John Mallinkcrodt
Jill Grigsby and Everett Bull Garden
Selected Client List
click to have a view into their garden
Byron Endo
Gloria and Norman Howe
Ken and Sue Andrews
Peggy Blake
Tom Braun
Tom and Heather Hartshorn
Robert and Lana Kreivis
Kent Hughes and Deborah Page
Nancy Wing
Randy and Stephanie Horton
Victoria and Suketu Bhavsar

Field Notes: Here are a few of our favorite gardens and my writings about each garden. Enjoy.
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