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celebrate what you have and give it a new life
Here's the scoop. Seems we all have enough stuff to fill two houses.... so Indah Bulan thinks it's time to redecorate with what we already have! We will come to your house and reconfigure your furniture, rearrange your accessories, and rehang your art work. This gives new meaning and life to your house and to the collections you already own. Before I moved to Los Angeles, I was the floor designer at Oxford Galleries, Wardemond Galleries and Hanna Antiques. I would constantly rearrange the display of furniture and art to keep a fresh look for our customers. It's really amazing what a new configuration can do, it's like everything is new once again! This is especially a great thing since we are no longer tied to one spot for the television. The best part is having a fresh look without having to buy a new room, but if one does need a new sofa, we can help with that, too. Our goal is to help our clients appreciate what they have by changing things around. Let us give you a whole new world.
Redecorate with what you have!
+ New arrangement for the furniture you have
+ Change hanging artwork configuration
+ Organize Book Shelves and all those books!
+ Incorporate inherited furnishings into your household
+ Color Consultations and Painting
+ Sell to our network of clients or on Ebay the items you may no longer need or use
+ Film and Catalogue valuables for Insurance purposes
+ If desired, we can offer new colors for rooms
+ Whether you want to have a new look for one room or several, that's ok with us.
+ Coordinate a donation or help you sell things that seem to clutter your life.
+ It's a big clean up, rearrangement and de-cluttering of your life!
+ Staging for selling your home
. . . celebrating the spirit of your home
Welcome to our complete design experience.
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