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+ Redwood Decking to reclaim space
+ Entertaining Buffet / Shelves
+ LED lighting
+ Planting Pots filled with colorful succulents
+ Hill Stabilization - Erosion Control
+ Fire Retardant Planting
+ Hillside Steps and Garden
+ Hillside Retaining Wall
Design within Nature
Fabulous, Pat Coye! This glorious area of Claremont is near the old Padua Hills Theater. It is nestled on the hillside with a breathtaking view of The Los Angeles National Forest. One of the first issues we discussed with Pat was the lack of space for living since they are on a steep hill. The solution was to design a redwood deck (photo above) to provide areas where she and her family could enjoy not only nature but also the dramatic modern architecture of their home. We incorporated the existing California Live Oaks into the footprint of the deck. We also designed a louvered screen to provide privacy from the property next door. The screen also has three pull-down shelves for entertaining. The louvers also allow the late afternoon ocean breeze to reach the deck. In addition to the space created by the decking, we carved a series of steps into the hill to access the garden we planned. We had a zig-zag retaining wall built to repeat the design of the existing patio, which also extended that area. We added three large Gainey planting plots filled with amazing succulents to add visual interest and punctuate the patio. Another issue faced by hill dwellers is the fast runoff of rain. We planted soil stabilizing, fire-retardant plants that are vigorous but not invasive. Since the view of the canyon is the prominent feature, we selected California native plants mixed with other water wise plants that share the same foliage colors as the canyon. This way their garden becomes as large as the eye can see.
Landscape Design Connected with Nature
Pat Coye Garden
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Hillside succulent garden with steps
We had a zig zag retaining wall built to place these three beautiful pots of succulents
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