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Japanese Garden + Tuscan Garden + Bamboo Wind Chime Wall + Outdoor Dining Room + Outdoor Living Room + Decking + Tree Planting for Shade + Retaining Wall + Fencing + Outdoor Chandelier
+ Rose Garden + Edible Garden + Japanese Style Water Feature + Native Rock Lined Path System + Gravel + Planting Pots + Bumble Bee Lights
We met Jill and Rett for a consultation and began the design process for their South facing back yard. Their main issue was to gain usable space(s) on their sloping property. They enjoy meals alfresco and were preparing for a garden party in honor of Jill's daughter's wedding. The garden needed to have the feel of one large usable space, yet have areas that felt like rooms. We agreed that adding a retaining wall and a deck on the slope would be help regain some usable square feet. Plus the deck becomes a wonderful spot for a glass of wine while viewing the beautiful California sunsets. We designed the deck so that the entrance would be ground level for flow. In order to blend all the spaces, we designed a Japanese circle (defined by Japanese tiles turned on end) to be the center of the gardens. The other esthetic issue that needed to be resolved was the existing "Tuscan style" garden and their love of Japanese Gardens. By using natural products (cut bamboo, CA native granite boulders, river pebbles and color) we successfully blended the two styles. We created an outdoor dining room under the existing arbor, a previously unused space. We painted the arbor a black/green color to add elegance to the garden. The dining table Indah Bulan made from a wine cask purchased from the local L.A. winery and a large piece of glass found in their garage. As a focal point from the table, we created a miniature Japanese garden and created a Tsukabai for the peaceful sound of water. Massive timber bamboo stalks (cut from the Huntington Library with permission) create a wind chime wall. We attached the bamboo stalks so that the wind would blow through them and create the sound of Japan. It also creates a strong design element in the dining area. For a chandelier, we used a CA Sycamore branch strung with bumble bee lights. We also added bumble bee lights to the arbor for nighttime magic... dinner under the stars effect. Because the patio and dining area are both South facing, we added a grove of deciduous trees to provide shade in the summer and allow the sun to warm the space in the Winter. In addition to the general organization of the space, we added plants that are drought tolerant to reduce the amount of water used, yet hint at a Japanese garden. This garden is a wonderful example of proper planning and what happens when the clients know how they see themselves using their garden and finding Indah Bulan to help them!
For The Love of Japan in California!
Landscape Design Connected with Nature
Jill Grigsby / Rett Bull Garden
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