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Judith & David Tanenbaum
Claremont, California
+ Infinity Path System
+ Dry Landscape for California Live Oaks
+ Outdoor Dining Area
+ Outdoor Living Room(s)
+ Citrus Garden
+ Spaces for Entertaining
+ Succulents for Color
We kid Judy about their low-maintenance garden! She did not want a fussy garden. There is no such thing as a low-maintenance garden, except this one. We designed this garden without an irrigation system and to look good with the constant leaf litter from the eight California Live Oaks on their property. Judy was not kidding, the garden looks great even when it is untidy and that is what we joke about---that she was not kidding! In order to achieve this, we first removed all the grass to create an "infinity walk" lined with larger than normal native rocks (many were excavated on site, which is typical of Claremont). At the time, Arlo, their son was a child, Judy wanted a space she and Arlo could walk around and look at nature. The "infinity walk" allowed for longer walks in a small garden. (Also, David is a Professor of Physics at Pomona College.) The large rocks frames the outline of the design, while the leaf litter creates a beautiful carpet of mulch. There is no irrigation system, so when (and if) our darling Judy wants to putter in the garden she is in nature, not a manicured garden. We also added three large planting pots to add some visual interest. The home is located in the heart of Claremont, California's Historic Village. It is a walking community and their garden extends into the tree lined median, thus as people walk in the neighborhood, they are walking through this wonderful space.

We recently completed the back garden, with the same low-maintenance concept. The only additional request was to create a space that could entertain up to 80 people. We carefully designed and planted a series of spaces within the larger space that would accommodate their entertaining, but also (and more often) when used by the family and their friends. The rogue patches of grass were removed and replaced with a ground cover of mulch. We used the same plant materials as the front for visual interest and continuity between the spaces. We disregarded the irrigation system, as we planned a dry, water-wise space. Their daughter, Robin and son, Arlo both have creative spirits. We planned this garden as a place that encourages art and whimsy. The garden incorporates their contributions. The garden is greatly enhanced by the glorious old master Rock Wall which surrounds the space. The walls also include two rock sofas, we added pillows for comfort and color. It is a planned dry, woodland garden full of color and movement. We did add irrigation for the new citrus trees in a third area of their garden. To me, this garden is a celebration of family, friends and nature.... and we adore Judy and her spirit.
Living Under the Live Oaks
Landscape Design Connected with Nature
Judith and David Tanenbaum Garden
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