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Villa Francesca, established in 1926 is a Spanish style cluster of houses in South Pasadena. The main house surrounded by three small guest houses. Sitting on the top of a knoll with views of the entire Los Angeles Basin and Pacific Ocean, it is a magical place. There is a resonance with nature amongst while below is the sprawling mega city of Los Angeles. Over the past decade we have carved a garden from the existing natural garden... respectful of mature plantings. By sculpting the mature specimens to reveal their majesty we have revealed beauty already there. To celebrate Francesca's spirit and that of the property, we created what is called a "Medicine Wheel", a large circle divided into quadrants. Each quadrant represents life itself and by "walking the wheel", there is a revelation waiting to be felt. It is based on a Native American ritual. We also created a brick on sand living space under 20 foot tall mature Pittosporum, which we cleaned up to reveal the mature limbs. We wrapped twinkle lights randomly through the strong branches for a magical experience at night. This garden has gardens within gardens, we also created a path system to connect these areas. Along the paths we set up altars upon which can be set treasures found on the walk. It was Francesca's desire to have a simple, natural garden to enhance the natural "wild side" and serenity of her hilltop. This great garden is an unpretentious celebration of nature and life.
Living on the Wild Side in South Pasadena
Landscape Design Connected with Nature
Francesca Di Franco Garden
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