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+ Water Wise gardening
+ Claremont 1970's architecture
+ New Color for front door
+ Edible Garden, vegetable and citrus
+ Fragrant gardening
+ Landscape Lighting
+ Grove of Trees for shade
+ Outdoor dining area
+ Sensitive planning for the elderly (John's father)
+ Water feature to attract birds
+ Organic gardening
+ Incorporation of "found" sculptural pieces as art in the garden
+ Recycled various pavers to create a quilt of pattern for a path
Carol and her husband, John Mallinckrodt, of Claremont, California have set the standard of a Claremont garden with their property. Their home there is located in the mid-Claremont area, just north of the Village. This area is mostly homes built in the 1970's which have become a fashionable area, but are typically mostly grass and poorly placed (and overgrown) foundation planting. Carol and John wanted to remove all the grass and use plants that are less thirsty and require no weekly maintenance, but they wanted it to be as stylish outside as the Hartman Baldwin Interior. In this photo, you'll see where the grass and original walkway were replaced with Lavender with splashes of Iris. The new walkway uses 2'x2' natural concrete pavers to create strong pattern leading to the front door. We changed the footprint of the walkway to the front door by aligning at an angle towards the arrival to the South West.

Their back garden features a raised native rock/boulder vegetable garden and a grove of deciduous trees to provide shade in the summer and sun in the winter. Instead of grass or ground cover, we simply mulched the whole area. Now when leaves fall, they are left to decompose into the soil. It's a natural living space for their outdoor entertaining. We created a fountain for the visiting birds, which also adds a lovely sound to the garden. It has been a joy to see and hear the progress of the vegetable garden and citrus trees. Their existing citrus had used every mineral in the soil and had become virtually inedible. Over the years, we have added organic nutrients to the soil (the leaf litter helps, too) which produces some fine tasting citrus!
Bold Ideas for 1970's Claremont Garden
John made this video of the birds enjoying their fountain.
It is your Zen moment of the day!
Landscape Design Connected with Nature
Carol Holder / John Mallinckrodt Garden
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